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Captivate your audience with a new experience.

Sermon openers

Make an impacting statement with a custom-designed sermon video opener that will take your teaching series to the next level. It will attract attention and will increase the production value of your church service.

Common applications include sermon series, special events and concerts.

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Custom video openers and intros

Worship openers

Another great way to add sizzle to your worship experience is adding a opener at the beginning. This work great for getting the crowd pumped up and ready to engage.

Common applications include church services, conferences and youth groups.

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Custom 3D animation and rendering

Motion loops

Keep the momentum with continuous motion. We make custom seamlessly loopable videos that are extremely versatile for any type of production.

Common applications include video production, worship backgrounds and live events.

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Custom motion loops and moving backgrounds

Countdown timers

Start your event on time with a custom countdown timer made-to-order. Let JMDesign create a stunning design for your event that complements your specific brand identity.

Common applications worship services, youth events and concerts.

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Custom countdown timers


Need more bang for your production buck? Let us professionally design a custom video clip for any of your digital media needs. We can become your greatest asset for achieving success.

Common applications include video blogs, online media and video production.

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Custom bumpers and stingers

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